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July 20, 2007


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I’ve been published! Please come and see me at ‘’! It would mean so much to me! I’ve written a book called ‘Drive, Book 1’. Please take a look at it, and thank you so much in advance!


July 17, 2007


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I’ve been published on ‘’! If you’d like to know what I’ve posted, please read through the previews of ‘Drive’ that I’ve listed on my first two blogs. For further information, my name is ‘Courtney Warren’-if you wish to check me out on ‘’! Thank you!

June 28, 2007

Am I In Business?

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I’m working on a small business idea. Since a certain set of parents don’t have bedtime stories for their kids, why don’t I make some for them? The story I began in the last post would make a rather good one, don’t you think? So I’m thinking about writing bedtime stories-or even just little stories in general-for a particular set of people that don’t have too much to look forward to in the bookstores. What do you think? Have anything to say about it? Would you like one of your own? Then feel free to drop me a line. Use the information from my first post to contact me online, or even use this-661 817 7933. That’s me phone number. I want all of the feedback I can get for this little idea of mine. I would appreciate your time and consideration.

June 15, 2007

Gravitation Fanfiction-Sublime Elysium

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An anime image of a female.

Gravitation Fanfiction: Featured on

*Saga of Eternal Love*

1st: An Angel’s Dream. Created in the Summer of 2006. Inspired by the amazing Kingdom Hearts II. A vocalist’s true heritage is discovered-will his lover be able to cope with the truth? Will he be strong enough to face eternity, or throw everything away?

Eien: A wedding is due to occur, but one heart strays from blissful matrimony. What will happen to two lovers, once one doubts the very love that exists between them?

Sanctuary: The ultimate finale to true, everlasting love. Definitely inspired by Kingdom Hearts II, followed by Xenosaga III.

*Separate Gravitation fanfiction.*

Mindreader: Inspired by ‘America’s Funniest Animals’. A parrot destroys a day of love and passion, irritating a certain novelist.

Lunar Reflection: Misunderstandings and confusion abound in this angsty tale. Shuichi storms out of Eiri Yuki’s house, leaving him behind with a burdensome past-and a heavier future.

Kakumei: Shuichi Shindou vanishes into thin air, igniting a frantic rush to rescue him. Will his prince and companions be able to find him-before it’s too late?

Ephemeral Night: 2006 Valentine’s Day Special.

My Cherry Blossom: Set underneath an ocean of cherry blossoms. Feelings are revealed, and a marriage proposal pops out.

Dreamer: Disneyland special. A novelist confesses his true feelings-in the ‘Pirates of the Carribean’ restaurant.

*Find me under the name: Julin Mizumi.*

Third Movement

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A beautiful Gravitation wallpaper.

Here’s the song due to be featured in ‘Take Me Home’, one of my Gravitation fanfiction projects.

“Can you feel me?

Sinking into you

Love for you grows forevermore

Arms around me

I can feel you inside of me

Glowing as we fall deeper, deeper, deeper

Into this feeling of euphoria.

I need you, want you close

Can you feel me?

Loving you, dreaming of you

I love you, you, always and only you

You’re my one and only, forever you

I hold you, my euphoria.

I’ve lost you, my one and only euphoria

My now and forever euphoria

I’ve broken your delicate heart

Tossed so much aside

When you’ve always been my one and forever

I can feel you

Standing close to me

But I’ve pushed you away.

I can feel you

Never forget this feeling

I love you, you and always you

Even though I’m nothing

I will promise you everything

I love you, heart and soul crying

Always I love you, never dying

I know I’ve been cruel to you

This mortal know his crime well

But I promise this-you’ll always be my one and only

My euphoria.

Kiss me euphoria

Blazing, skyrocketing euphoria

You leave me breathless, shaking and melting

Deeper, deeper, deeper I fall

Holding you as I breathe.

Love love love, true euphoria

Arms around me, I feel you

I need you, give myself to you

You you you, always you

Please answer me

I love you, euphoria.”

-Guess what the name of the song is.-



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Ranma and Akane.

Me again. I’ve returned to pull you into another world of yaoi goodness. I’ve thought of creating another tale today, in addition to my first baby-‘Drive’. It’ll be inspired by the roleplaying adventure known as ‘Atelier Iris’, drawn out in a fantasy world of romance and dreams. I don’t have too much details down yet, but it’ll feature a timid protagonist-and a hot, sultry love interest. The skies will be the limit during this tale of intrigue, suspense and passion. Magic will be in for the ride as well. If any of you unfortunate victims can think of suggestions, don’t be afraid to present them to me.  I’ll be more than happy to look through them.

 I went to the bookstore last night-and saw a wondrously hawt magazine in the culture section. If you haven’t guessed already, it was a magazine…for the…yuck, I hate labels. It was a magazine for the…bleugh. For the gay community. Nevertheless, it featured a pair of twins on the cover.

Someone could easily assume that I’m gay myself, considering my allergic reaction to men. Not true. I’m…well, I was waiting for my prince. Now I couldn’t care less.

June 9, 2007

Another Drive, Activists and Aspirations

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An image of the Sailor Moon anime.

I read something about the battle on homosexuals within the July issue of ‘Vanity Fair’. Archibishop Desmond Tutu stated that there’s a battle being waged on homosexuals in his own land, a land of South Africa. Through an interview conducted by Brad Pitt, I actually found an awe-inspiring role model-and even a friend. On the day that I become an accomplished Activist, I thoroughly hope that I’ll be able to speak on matters the way he does-with deep reflections, greater wisdom and courage. That’s right-courage. If I see myself the same way all of those other Activists do, then all battles will be embraced challenges. Why, I would cut off my ears to be able to participate in half the battles they wage. Wouldn’t you want to fight for an honorable cause?

Thinking about their battles makes my own battles seem so small and meek. Now, I’ve heard that you’re not supposed to compare yourself to others just to make yourself insignificant, but it’s true. While so many of us wrestle with what clothes to wear to our next nightclub outing, there are people out there that fight for the life of Earth.

Speaking of a fight, allow me to share more details on my original project. As you already know, Tobias Halmuron and Mireille Aranai are staging a war against their government-and eventually a force that resides higher than the government. The battles begins with the simple tip of homophobia, but will gradually erupt into the possible elimination of their entire galaxy. While the people of their home inflict bloodshed and sorrow upon the ‘infected’ residents, their world will suffer. At first, the signals of destruction will be small. The sun changes colors, birds disappear from the skies, the weather’s a little odd-nothing to be alarmed over, right? But then it begins. The weather becomes extreme, animals turn viciously on their owners or succumb to delerium, food sickens everyone that eats, the water becomes tainted with poison, vehicles malfunction, the sky turns different shades of red-and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, right there. The government believes that the ‘infected’ ones are presenting the ever-growing problem, but as they up the ante, the destruction only becomes worse. Household appliances explode without warning. Computers become infected with viruses, shutting all systems down. Electricity dies off, leaving hospitals without power-meaning that all present patients die. Farms, schools and other institutions are shut down, unable to operate under such horrific circumstances.

Slowly the people realize that they’re bringing the annihilation on themselves-surely their Holy Trinity doesn’t approve of such horrific treatment against those that are ‘different’. Members of the government (called the Atelier) come to realize that their Elite Director (the President of their world) led them astray, leaving their leader in the dust.

The message featured within the finale will be as thus: in order to bring destruction to a halt, all of us must come together. The gap between Earth and the planet Kisa (where our heroes dwell) will be destroyed, and a bridge will take its place. A group of young Earth heroes (called Scouts) will join forces with our main force, preparing to take on their highest enemies-the deities of Kisa’s Abyss.

Vanity, Dreams and Activists

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Instant Karma Banner

Thoughts and dreams of equality, peace and love have been pouring into my head. During the last couple of days, I’ve been taking true looks into the lives of souls fighting for all of humanity. I’ve discovered different perspectives on leaders, their missions, and the emotions that ensue from carrying them out. I’m not just speaking of the so-called political leaders that dwell within our government. As a matter of fact, some of the leaders I speak of don’t approve of the intentions coming from America’s government. They use every waking moment of their lives to spread messages of peace and humanity for all, combining their talents with their passions. This world features a whole slew of heroes-I probably only know the tip of the iceberg.

The July issue of ‘Vanity Fair’ features a list of heroes working for not only Africa, but the entire world as well. Activists ranging from Chris Rock to Maya Angelou are working tirelessly to prevent the downfall of Africa by contributing their solutions to the AIDS epidemic, poverty, starvation, and many other problems. African artists such as Ishmael Beah, Angelique Kidjo and Cheri Samba are presenting the world with their works, blessing all of the human race with their unique perspective on their culture and the world’s ideals. While other rappers continue to pursue the female body and large amounts of green paper, Jay-Z paid a visit to Africa and saw how terrible poverty and starvation are in the true ‘hood’.

There are those that talk a huge game, but there are those that actually play the game they speak of. Just from that one magazine I discovered a wide range of heroes-people I would cleave off my left arm for a chance to meet. Other musicians have joined the fight for humanity, ranging from Christina Aguilera to Green Day. An entire project has begun to promote the recovery of Darfur, bearing the name of ‘Instant Karma-The Campaign to Save Darfur’. Green Day created a song called ‘Working Class Hero’, a song that speaks of the battles that are waged everyday-in the workforce. That’s one of the many songs featured on the Instant Karma’s cd, coupled with songs from U2, Jack Johnson, Lenny Kravitz and The Black Eyed Peas. This particular project sprouted from Amnesty International-WHICH was featured in one of my favorite videos, Nickelback’s ‘If Everyone Cared’.

The banner featured at this post’s introduction came from the following website. Please look to this website for more banners, to help spread the message of this project.

June 7, 2007

‘Drive’ Soundtrack

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I formed a soundtrack to my original project, ‘Drive’. These songs have played critical roles in my inspiration for this story-hopefully, some of you will be able to recognize at least one of them. Thank you!

‘Clowns’ by t.A.T.u

‘Not Gonna Get Us’ by t.A.T.u

‘Little Wonders’ by Rob Thomas

‘Say It Right’ by Nelly Furtado

‘Makes Me Wonder’ by Maroon 5

‘If Everyone Cared’ by Nickelback (If ‘Drive’ was made into a movie, this would be the theme song)

‘What I’ve Done’ by Linkin Park

‘Working Class Hero’ by Green Day

‘Nobody’s Listening’ by Linkin Park

‘How to Save a Life’ by The Fray

‘Fly’ by Hilary Duff

‘Stranger’ by Hilary Duff

June 3, 2007

Government: Friend or Foe?

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An image of a Gundam Wing character.

As you might have already heard, our government isn’t too friendly when it comes to homosexuality. Thus, the birth of ‘Drive’. But getting back on track, the realm of America treats them as though they’re dirty, ugly and disgusting cockroaches. They can’t marry each other, simply because they’re too ‘weird’ and they’d ruin all of society if they did so. And so when it comes to Gays, love is practically illegal. They’re basically sitting ducks whenever it comes to ‘hate crimes’, for there are no laws protecting homosexuals against death. In the words of Larry Kramer, who cares if a faggot dies? Right? It’s no skin off of anyone’s back if a fag drops dead. Hopefully, no one will take this to heart and believe that those questions are coming out of my soul. I’d rather die than discriminate against anyone. But that’s not how the government works. They’d rather take care of the ‘normal’, ‘pure’ and ‘superior’ people instead of the cockroaches. Why waste time when you can purchase Raid, right? It’s all in good fun, right?

And we have the nerve to call ourselves humans? We have the nerve to say that we’re above so many others, yet the planet itself is dying underneath our hands? We have the right to judge, when we’re as dirty as pigs rolling around in mud? Is it right to deny homosexual lovers the right to marry, when hetereosexual couples can’t even honor the so-called sanctity of marriage? You know how they say someone dies from cancer/smoking/etc every five seconds or something? Well, I’d bet every credit card in my wallet that twenty divorces are born every minute.

And we have the nerve to say that homosexual marriage would annihilate the sacred purity of marriage. As if. Just look at our ‘wonderful’, ‘divine’ celebrities. They have divorces at the drop of a hat. Hopefully, taking one look at a couple will cause at least one of you to understand why I couldn’t give a FIG (don’t know if I can actually use swear words) about finding a boyfriend. I’ve got other important things to worry about. I wouldn’t mind if I died happily with a house of cats, dogs and my family members.

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